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Self Employed
Tax Returns

Need to file your end of year Tax Return? We can help.


The Square is now able to provide you with a great value and pain free end of year tax return service.

We will handle the entire submission and review what kind of cash rebate you are due.

What rebate are you owed?

Most construction professionals are eligible for a cash rebate due to legitimate expenses incurred throughout the year.


When you use The Square Tax Return Service, we ensure you get exactly what you're due - potentially thousands of pounds. 

Submitting your information is super simple.

To process your end of year return is super simple - you just need to provide us with:


  1. A summary of all your income received and tax paid between 6th April 2019 and 5th April 2020. 

  2. A summary of any work related expenses for that period.

  3. Some personal details to confirm your identity.


If you have these ready, you can submit all your info online now and we’ll let you know what you’re owed and can submit your return for you.

We charge just £150+VAT for the full tax return service including the rebate calculation and management (this is charged as a business expense so is included in your rebate). We deduct 15% of any rebate you are owed by HMRC. 

To process your tax return, please complete the following form:

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